Fire & Safety Engineering

Fire Engineering can be defined as, "The application of scientific and engineering principles, rules and expert judgments, based on understanding of the phenomenon and effects of fire, its reactions and behaviour of people, property and the environment from the destructive effects of fire". This nature and characteristics of fire and the mechanics about how fire spreads is most understood by fire engineers. They are the experts with varieties who can tackle fire and reduce the losses due to it. By virtue of its growing role in saving life and property on a large scale, Fire Engineering is fast becoming one of the world's noblest professions. Industrial statistics has put the upcoming Indian requirements of over one lakh personnel of Fire and Safety per year. Moreover, unlimited opportunities come from abroad, especially from the Gulf countries. Students investing their time in this sunrise industry are creating a great career opportunity for themselves, in addition to getting a head start over job seekers in other fields. Fire engineers find job openings in the Government Fire Services, Architectural and Building Design, Insurance Assessment, Project Management, Aircraft Industry, Refineries, Industrial Processing and in any area where the possibility of fire or combustion represents a hazard with increasing urbanisation, the use of electrical appliances, office automation, etc. The increasing number of fire disasters in Refineries, Petrochemical Plants, Industries and other strategic places is causing tragic loss of precious lives and large scale destruction of property. This confirms the necessity for Fire Fighting Engineers.