Aerospace, Military, Medical, Scientifically-advance project and High-Tech industries have relied on the system safety specialist to develop concepts, designs and product that have a high reliability of operations and low level of risk. Such specialists ensure that the safety concepts and mechanisms work correctly every time, without harm to users, operators or the equipments itself. Safety professionals play an important role in the safety of all forms of Transportation, Railroads, Aviation, Shipping Corporations, Oil and Gas Pipelines, Chemical Plants and many Engineering involves the identification, Evaluation, and Control of hazards in man-machine system (Products, machines, Equipment, or facilities) that contain a potential to cause inquiry to people or damage to property Safety management consists of a set or safety programme elements, policies, and procedures, that manage the conduct of safety activity. Safety Engineering and Safety Management make up the integrated whole. While Safety Engineering can be viewed as being the administrative or software side of such prevention. Safety Management provides the structure within which the techniques of safety engineering are applied. The purpose of this course is to provide the students with an understanding of industrial safety and accident prevention. By this course the student will gain knowledge of hazards in work place, management's liability and role in risk reduction, and the responsibilities of State and Central Government. The educational goal of IHSE is to introduce students to the technical means in regard to prevent and reduce injuries or accidents in work places, because it directly or indirectly threatens a right to live for mankind.